Andreas - Rares

Walk for me

What is Walk For Me?

Walk For Me is a challenge we have created for our son, Andreas-Rares who suffers from an extremely rare and debilitating condition called Allan-Herndon-Dudley.

Walk For Me started as a dream we had to take Andreas-Rares on an adventure trip to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. We would visit great European cities, amazing country sites, we would meet beautiful people and we would make tones of friends. We would reach Iceland and we would experience the spectacular beauty of the Northern Lights.
In the real life, the chances of that happening are very low but in the virtual reality and with your help we could travel and experience freely.

How does Walk For Me work?      

You can visit out Facebook event HERE

Total distance we have walked 4763 Km
Next destination: We made it!!!!! With the help of 54 of our friends! Thank you everyone and see you next year


Top Walkers

Names Total Distance
Paula 919.8
Andra 414.0
Vali 340.2
Veronica 296.8
Gabriel 294.4
gugu 220.6
Laura 220.1
daisy 183.2
anthi 177.2
Adrian 160.2