What is Walk For Me?

Walk For Me is a challenge we have created for our son, Andreas-Rares who suffers from an extremely rare and debilitating condition called Allan-Herndon-Dudley.

Walk For Me started as a dream we had to take Andreas-Rares on adventure trips all over the world. For the moment that is not possible but this doesn’t stop us from dreaming. The challenge became reality in 2017 when we “visited” the Northern Lights in Iceland.
After last year’s trip to Bhutan, this year the challenge is even bolder. We would like to reach, with your help, the isle of Madagascar.
If you run or bike every once in a while or if you walk to the bus station next to your house, we ask you to log these distances with Walk For Me and help us get just a bit closer to our goal.

See here a list of previous challenges: Iceland(2017)Bhutan (2018)Take me to Santa(2018)


Thank you so much for participating!



Top Walkers :

Names Total Distance
Jawa 2260.4
Laura 1988.6
Gabriel 1889.8
Tatiana 1495.0
Simona 1085.4
Nelia 1031.0
Vera 933.2
Edgar 758.0
Gabriela 706.6
Cristina 700.0
Mihaela 544.8
Doru 533.0
Kateryna 499.0
Paula 488.0
Tatiana 465.0
Maria 400.0
Flor 379.6
Attila 228.0
Anastasia 198.8
Таtiana 186.0
Nikolas 150.0
Katerina 100.0
Tatiana 87.0
Doru 68.0
Geraldine keane 28.4
Clau 23.2
Neliat 16.0
Geraldine keane 14.0
Nikolas Van Rein 10.2
Stefan 10.1
Nikolas Van Rein 9.0
Matt 3.0
Matt Regashus 3.0